Cornelia Parker

English born Cornelia Parker (1956) is a practitioner who works primarily in sculpture and installation. Drawing on her wide-ranging interests Parker’s work explores and questions human existence and our relationship to the world. To examine existence Parker utilises materials as “both medium and tool…”.[1]

Cornelia Parker


Parker engages in a destructive unmaking and remaking as she explores the potential of an object that she may subject to a violent transformative process –  explosions, being shot, squashed or stretched.

Parker’s process renders the ordinary with new possibility and meaning for the viewer. The transformative process applies a consciousness to familiar objects and in doing so rejuvenates or alters its meaning. Gaston Bachelard considers this idea in The Poetics of Space.


Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View 1991 by Cornelia Parker born 1956

Parker, C. (1991). Cornelia Parker, ‘Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View’ 1991 Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View. Retrieved from



In 2016 Cornelia Parker curated a group exhibition at The Foundling Museum with more than 60 artists, writers and composers who responded to the word ‘found’.

The Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury, central London, ‘tells the story of the Foundling Hospital, established by merchant seaman Thomas Coram in 1739 to give a home to London’s poorest children – an act of finding those who had been lost. In the 18th century, the parents of the children who left them there were asked to deposit a token so that they could identify them later, in case they were ever in a position to take them home.’



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